Foster My Pet


In order to be eligible to use PPG services, you must:

  • Be entering a shelter within Guelph OR be a resident of Guelph (no exceptions)
  • Be undergoing a medical procedure or care in which they cannot safely care for their pet
  • Experiencing domestic violence
  • Seeking addictions or mental health treatment
  • Provide proof of low income (CPP, ODSP, Ontario Works – survivors of domestic violence excepted)
  • Be willing to sign liability waiver forms
  • Be willing to have their pet seen by a vet (no cost to them for basic care)
  • Have a companion animal (no native wildlife)
  • Have a way to remain in contact with the Director of Services (i.e. email, phone number, shelter phone number)
  • Understand that their pet will not have physical contact with them for the duration of fostering
  • Have a plan to be reunited with the pet (average foster time is 3-4 months)
  • Have no other family or friends who can safely care for their pet

Please note that we are unable to facilitate adoptions. In the best interest of your pet’s welfare, contact local rescue organizations to rehome your pet. Attempting to find an unknown owner on your own may be difficult, and is not advised. Rescues are able to give your pet access to vet services, pet care, and screen potential owners to find a suitable home. A list of rescues in the area:

  • Guelph Humane Society
  • New Hope Animal Rescue
  • Cats Anonymous
  • Toronto Cat Rescue
  • Upper Grand All Breeds Rescue