Traveling with Your Pet- Part 1

Who doesn’t want to bring their furry friend on an adventure with them? The idea of experiencing new outdoor play areas, comfortable hang-out zones and just plain fun times is something we pet lovers have all thought about. Although travel with your animal can take many forms such as by plane, boat, car, train or bus, in this article I am mainly focusing on air and car travel. Also, I am speaking mainly about those who wish to travel with a cat or dog.

Living the dream of co-sharing travel with your pet can be different than what you imagine it to be. You should first consider your pet’s age, temperament and any health issues. These three considerations can weigh in heavily against travel with a pet when you suddenly need to find a local vet in the middle of the night in an area you just arrived in, or you discover your pet doesn’t do well near a lake where the Loons are constantly calling. After behaving badly for most of the night, you sleep in and discover your pet’s had an accident.

Also consider if the location you plan to stay at whether enroute or your final destination is okay with having your pet as a guest. Whether with friends, at a motel/hotel or campground, it is recommended you check first before assuming it will be okay.

If you plan to fly, research the airline as different airlines have different policies regarding travel with a pet. First and foremost, visit your veterinarian and ask them their professional opinion about travel with your furry pal. The vet can help you determine and/or locate the information you need to know in order for your pet to meet the requirements for your destination country and is healthy enough to travel. Some countries may require additional vaccinations, health records, and quarantine periods. They can also ensure your pet has their vaccinations up to date and is micro chipped.

Check back for Part 2, coming soon!

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